10 Day Leadership Challenge!

Tap A Patriot to Run for County Central Committee!
(even though the official filing date is past!)

There are HUNDREDS of open County Central Committee seats across Ohio. Every Patriot we can get in a seat returns more of the power back to the people.

We need LEADERS to step up, identify open seats AND Patriots in that district/precinct/ward and tap them to file. Click Here to see already identified open seats or check your own County.

The instructions for filing are below. Ask Patriots to subscribe to our list so that we can send them helpful information on the process.

If you need more information about how important County Central Committee seats are, go Here to learn.

Filling these seats is one of the most important things we can do in our state at the moment.

The official filing deadline to run for County Central Committee (CCC) is over for this next election BUT you still have a great chance of winning a seat, especially if it is unnopposed (and there are hundreds)!!

  1. Locate your County Board of Elections (BOE). You can find yours at the directory on the SOS page Here.
  2. Look up YOUR polling information and check to see if anyone is running for CCC in your area. The easiest way to do this will probably be to call your BOE and ask them but you may also be able to see what seats are open by looking at clicking Here. (You can file whether someone else is running or not, but if no one is your chances of winning are pretty good.)
  3. Print off Form 13. You can find it HERE. We suggest printing a couple of them and taking it to your BOE and filling it out there. That way if something is wrong you have a back up copy to redo it correctly. File Form 13 with the BOE no later than February 21, 2022

Remember to go vote for yourself! You will need to write in your name on your ballot the same way it is on the paperwork that you filed. Get as many other people as you can to vote for you too! Even though you only need one vote to win, it’s possible someone else is doing the same thing so play it safe and get as many to vote for you as you can!

Let us know you filed in the form below!

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