Concerning language in HB 33 has been removed!

A couple weeks ago, we reported that there was concerning language in HB 33. The specific language was in regard to filling vacancies on County Central Committees. It allowed for appointment of County Central Committee members to precincts or wards in which the appointee did not live.

This language in the bill survived the House and had been passed to the Senate Committee. Members in the OPS network testified to the Senate Committee and requested the language be removed. The language was then struck while in Senate Committee.

We want to thank all the senators on the Fiance Committee who heard testimony requesting the removal of this language. Special thanks to Senator Andrew Brenner who made the proposal for this language to be removed.

Please take time to contact Senator Brenner and Senator Dolan, who chaired the committee, and THANK them for representing us well in this issue! (You can find their contact information by clicking on their names.)

It’s not over until the bill is signed. We will continue to monitor this issue to make sure the language is not put back in. We ask you to do the same and let us know if you find out that any version of it is put back in.

Please also contact members of the house who allowed this part of the bill to remain and express your dismay that this could come out of the House. Our legislatures should also know that any attempt to reinsert this part of the bill will be met with firm resistance –we are serious about this issue.

Finally, thank-you to ALL OF  YOU who called, emailed, attended, testified, prayed, raised awareness–whatever you YOU did to oppose this language. It truly takes us all!

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