On August 8th, 2023 Issue 1 will be on the ballot. We encourage anyone who can to please sign up to work the polls. You can sign up on the SOS site here or find your BOE here and call them directly.

A little information for you:

  1. You are placed by your Board of Elections when you work the polls.
  2. You work within your County.
  3. You are often appointed to your precinct. However, if they have enough workers there, you can offer to be placed elsewhere.
  4. You typically get paid.

We have resources you can you use to educate yourself on Ohio elections here.

Early voting has already begun. Please continue to educate people on the issue and get the word out.

Former US Senate Candidate and Founder of Grassroots Freedom Initiave, Mark Pukita, has compiled a resource list to help educate people. Please reach out to him, us, or your County GOP if you need resources.