It’s time.

Ohio Precinct Strategy has taken a careful approach to addressing the problems in our elections. And we do have problems. The mere fact that people don’t trust the election results, is a problem. Despite the public talking point, many Ohio Citizens do not trust our election results.

This in inexcusable. American citizens have the right to transparent elections. We have a right to know our vote counts, counts only once, and is not diluted or erased by illegal votes.

OPS is a part of a nationwide network that has been working to find solutions. It takes time to accurately identify problems and find solutions. While that process was going on in the background, OPS was busy integrating into our elections system here in Ohio. We learned the laws, we learned the procedures, we trained people, we watched elections, we taught people about the process, and we learned and then learned some more.

And now it’s time for another layer of action.

Mark Cook, the primary presenter in this video, is a friend of OPS and we collaborate on projects. Mr. Cook was a speaker at our event in Avon last June. We have also worked with Clay Parikh, who’s work is impressive as well.

Finally, this is not about rumors of elections issues, wide-spread stories that seem hard to believe, or theories that no one can prove. And it’s not just about the problems. There are answers that are not that complicated. This is the first time OPS has felt confident enough in information like this to share it publicly.

It’s time to know the facts. It’s time to combat the lies with truth. It’s time to change the way we vote.

It’s time.

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