Who Are We?

Ohio Precinct Strategy (OPS) is a networked group of Ohio Citizens that seeks to engage citizens in our elections process so that our voices are accurately represented in our elections.

We believe we must be involved in our elections in order to for our voices to be represented.

Citizen represntation in our elections is not a partisan issue. It’s an American issue. If we want to maintain our legal right to choose our representation, we have to get invovled.

OPS seeks to assist election officials and partner with them to give them the support they need. Running secure elections is hard work–and one of the most important foundations to our freedom. It should not be left to a few people to carry out. Citizens should be involved.

In order for citizens to particpate well, they must be educated. OPS seeks to educate and enable citizens to be involved in this important process.

OPS is careful to abide by all local, state, and federal laws.

Please note: While OPS seeks to only network with people and leaders that adhere to OPS values and expectation, this is a networked group and we do not vouch for the actions or behavior of anyone associated with OPS. OPS has a no-tolerance policy for any disruptive or illegal actions/behavior by anyone.