Elections & the
County Central Committee

Why do we immediately start talking about the County Central Committee when we talk about our elections? Here’s why.


The County Central Committees
are made up of collective members which are elected by precinct, ward, or city (varies by county). If no one runs they can be appointed. Each County has it’s own amount.


Executive Committee
••••The Executive Committee is chosen by the County Central Committee

••••The Executive Committee serves at the command of the Central Committee

••••Central Committee Members can also be on the Executive Committee

••••The Executive Committee varies in size


Board of Elections (BOE)
••••In some counties, The Executive Committee recommends two voters from their party to the Secretary of State (SOS) for appointment.

••••Typically, the SOS appoints (affirms) the recommendations but if he/she does not, the Executive Committee can
1) Take legal action, or
2) Appoint someone else.

••••In some counties the County Chair & Vice Chair are automatically on the BOE




The Role of the BOE
The BOE run elections. This includes hiring election officials, conducting elections, selecting poling locations, processing ballots, counting votes, cleaning up voter rolls, etc. Basically, if its election related, its up to the Board of Elections.



Control County Central Committees, Run Elections?

••••County Central Committees choose the people that run your County’s elections.

••••The County Central Committee also makes the party endorsements. Learn why that is so important here.

••••To learn how to run for County Central Committee go to Ohio Patriots Alliance.