Become a County Lead

What is a County Lead?
A County Lead facilitates the Ohio Precinct Strategy (OPS) in an Ohio County. An OPS County Lead is not a title, it is an active role. There is only one County Lead per county (there may be co-Leads that work with the Lead).

What does a County Lead do?
County Leads:
• Create and lead a group of citizens to engage in the election process
• Run campaigns and assist citizens to become County Central Committee members
• Seek to work with and assist their Board of Elections
• Educate their group on Ohio Elections
• Coordinate and prepare their group to work and watch over their elections
• Coordinate and network with other County Leads
• Make citizen election involvement commonplace in their county

What is the criteria to become a County Lead?
County Leads must:
• Be committed to free and fair elections
• Be non-partisan in their OPS capacity
• Be in agreement with the OPS mission
• Be doers, not talkers
• Be able to organize and motivate a group of people
• Contribute $40/year for the expenses of OPS. Contribute can be made here.

How do you become a County Lead?
To become a  County Lead you must:
• Commit to being active in your role as OPS Lead and get things done
• Complete the application below
• Contribute $40/year for the expenses of OPS. Contribute can be made here.
• Complete the following training on this site-

1) 7 Laws of Civics,
2) Working & Watching Elections,
3) Watch Election Educational Videos, and
4) Elections & the County Central Committee.

Disclosure: OPS reserves the right to remove a County Lead at any time and for any reason. While OPS seeks to only network with people and leaders that adhere to OPS values and expectation, this is a networked group and we do not vouch for the actions or behavior of anyone associated with OPS. OPS has a no-tolerance policy for any disruptive or illegal actions/behavior by anyone. Communications through OPS’s services may be monitored.


Apply to be an OPS County Lead

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