We need YOU!

We need all eyes on the 2022 Primary Election!
It is our job to work in and observe our elections to ensure they are free and fair! If you are a Patriot, if you care about freedom, if you think we the people should be represented, We need you!

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Poll  (Election) Observer

Poll Observers watch the elction take place to make sure everything is done by the rules. They are trained and equipped in what to watch for and what to do if something goes wrong.

We need to flood our precincts and boards of elections with Poll Observers. If you would like to help with this, click here.

Poll  Worker

Poll Workers work elections, assisting voters in the election process.

While poll worker’s do not have access to as broad of an area as Poll Observers, and are subject to the assignment they are given, they are key to successful elections. They also play an important role in keeping an eye on the area they are working.