Want to work the polls? It’s easy to get involved.

Working the polls is an essential part of an election. The Primary Election is very important. Please arrange to take the day off to serve your country or, if you can, arrange to work as many early voting dates as you can arrange.

Free and fair elections are essential to the survival of our Republic and our freedoms. ‘We the People’ must be part of the process if we want to remain free.

If you want to be a Poll Worker for the 2022 Primary, please follow the two steps below. You need to register and be trained and assigned by your County Board of Elections. We will provide additional resources for you so you are well equipped for this important role.

Step 1

Step 2 

 Get Signed Up to Work!

Step 2 involves registering with your County Board of Elections to be trained and assigned. You can do that by clicking HERE.

Even though you will be going through your board of elections, we ask that you are careful to complete Step 1 to connect with grassroots, ‘We the People’ election integrity experts to help equip you to be comfortable and equipped for your assignment.