In the last couple of weeks voters across Ohio have been receiving absentee ballot request applications.

Here is what you should know:

  • Mass mailing of absentee ballot request applications are not new
  • You will need to provide ID in accordance with Ohio voter ID laws
  • You can still vote early even if you requested an absentee ballot
  • If you request an absentee ballot and then try to vote on election day, you will have to vote provisional.

Voting provisional means:

  • Your vote will not be counted on election day
  • Your vote will be subjected to adjudication
  • You forfeit your right to a private vote

Is mass mailing of absentee ballot requests reason for concern?

One of the problems we face with our election process and systems is that they are too complex for everyday citizens to watch over and understand.

One of the concerns about mass mailing of absentee requests is that people will respond to them and receive an absentee ballot without understanding the process. They may then go to vote on election day and be given a provisional ballot—and again, not understand the implications of voting provisional.

There are also concerns about irregular absentee ballot requests given Ohio’s lax voter ID laws. Voter ID laws allow for seven types of ID—including a utility bill or bank statement.

What you can do

Share this information with your family, friends, and groups so they understand the process.

Work with your legislators to change Voter ID laws and end mass absentee ballot mailings.