Ohio Precinct Strategy is excited to partner with Verified Elections! All OPS County leads will have access and support from VE at no charge for the rest of the year.

We are also excited to invite you to a free training by VE on Monday, October 31st at 7 pm. You can register for that training here.

We will let VE introduce themselves:

Verified Election’s mission is to empower citizens to engage in the elections process in ways that ensure their voices are heard.

Our team has worked on elections for a combined thousands of hours. We bring multiple skills to the table–legal, research, technical, and organizational.

We have interacted with BOEs, PEOs, legislators, candidates, and voters. Over and over we hear frustration that the people’s voices aren’t being heard.

People are frustrated, and as a republic, they should have recourse for their frustration. Sadly, many of the solutions peddled only lead to outrage with no results. This isn’t going to help us.

We took our experience to the Ohio election for the 2022 primary and formed Ohio Precinct Strategy. We dug deep into the OH election system to understand how it works. We created training which we used to equip poll workers, poll watchers, and voters. During the election period we communicated with 65 people on the ground.

From there we began to request and receive data. The data was shocking. We began to develop a strategy that we don’t believe anyone was or is doing. Read more about VE here.

If you would like to become an OPS County Lead, you can apply here.

As November 8th approaches, we will be pushing out more resources so stay tuned!

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